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Lauren Topel loves people, and it shows. You can feel it in her presence, and see it in her photographs. Whether an event or portrait, she blends art with science, and creativity with common sense. Her unobtrusive, artistic style enables her to forever capture and share truths that might otherwise be missed in fleeting moments.

Lauren studied photography at Tyler School of Art in Rome, Italy, graduating with a concentration in Fine Arts and Media Theory from Brown University. She began as a graphic designer for two Chicago post-production house giants. Now, she uses those skills when photographing not only for good composition, but to keep the end product in mind when shooting. When requested, she can also use photos to create beautiful album layouts or powerful promotional materials. Additionally, she understands people often appreciate assistance preparing and uploading to social media, or placing print orders.

Guestbook for Lauren Topel Photo & Design
3.Carol Spencer(non-registered)
Your photography is such a pleasure to look at. The colors and lighting all seems so perfect in every photo. I do remember Michael refering me to this website before. I forgot because I focused on your teaching I guess. Obviously this is your true love!
2.Linda Topel(non-registered)
Amazing work ...... funny how I never knew you did this ..... and I work with some of the most famous photographers so I've seen a lot of good stuff over the years .....love your style
1.Coby Neill(non-registered)
Very nice work.